Who We Are

We are for all girls

We empower girls, we give them space to grow and we ensure that each one of them can get involved – no matter what their background or ability. Girls are free to be themselves.

Through fun, friendship, challenge and adventure we empower girls to find their voice, inspiring them to discover the best in themselves and to make a positive difference in their community.

They go on their first ever sleepover, climb mountains, learn about body confidence, or simply have fun and try new things with girls their age.

Girlguiding Croydon County has over 2400 RainbowsBrowniesGuidesThe Senior Section and volunteers who meet regularly to learn skills, grow in confidence, make lifelong friendships, help their communities and have lots of fun.

We give girls a space just for them

Girls take what they do in guiding with them as they grow up. They develop the skills and confidence that they need to reach their potential – as students, colleagues, parents, friends and citizens – and become the young women that they want to be.

Throughout all sections, the carefully researched national programmes are designed to build on girls’ body confidence, self-esteem and personal pride in her own beliefs by individually valuing each girl’s unique contribution.

An inspirational network of volunteers

Our Leaders and adult volunteers give their time so that girls get their voices heard, do great activities and feel included and special. They are inspirational role models for girls too.

In return we provide them with training opportunities so that they have the skills to offer girls the best possible guiding experience.