World Centres.jpg

World Centres Challenge

This challenge badge has been produced by the 2nd Purley Brownies, Guides and Rangers and by purchasing this badge you will be supporting them in their fundraising for day trips and residential opportunities!

This challenge badge will introduce the world centres and where they are situated.

It's an Adventure.jpg

It’s an Adventure

Raising money for 2nd Selsdon Guides’ Swiss Adventure in August 2015.

Thank you for choosing to challenge yourselves with the It’s An Adventure! challenge badge. We hope you all have fun being adventurous and maybe making surprise discoveries.

Adventure is an intrinsic part of the guiding experience; it can be experienced in a variety of ways and doesn’t necessarily have to involve mountain climbing or white water rafting!

Only 1 me.jpg

There’s only one me

This badge has been created to raise money for the 14th Coulsdon Brownies, so that they can have an exciting themed sleepover in Summer 2016!

The aim of this badge is to encourage all members of Girlguiding to focus on their positives and unique quirks that make oneself an individual. The hope is that by encouraging the positives we will see everyone grow in self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief.

This badge is suitable for all sections, including volunteers!