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Raising money for 2nd Selsdon Guides’ Swiss Adventure in August 2015.

Thank you for choosing to challenge yourselves with the It’s An Adventure! challenge badge. We hope you all have fun being adventurous and maybe making surprise discoveries.

Adventure is an intrinsic part of the guiding experience; it can be experienced in a variety of ways and doesn’t necessarily have to involve mountain climbing or white water rafting!it's anadventure

How to gain your badge
This challenge badge is designed to be completed over a few weeks or maybe during a unit residential.

To gain your badge you need to complete at least one activity from each area:

Life Skills      Mini Adventures     Getting Outside

Within each area is a list of ideas and suggestions. They are not grouped into age groups on purpose – the unit can choose the most appropriate challenges for them.

A Guide Patrol could do this challenge badge instead of a Go For It as long as they spend four sessions on it and have planned the activities themselves.

All the ideas have come from girls from all Sections so we are sure you will find something exciting and challenging to do for each area.

There are also links to further ideas and resources from each of the Sections plus cross-Sectional resources from Girlguiding and some of the Regions.

If the unit can honestly say that each activity they chose was adventurous and challenging they have earned the badge.

How to choose which activities to do
Every unit is different and your unit may already have developed different ways of ensuring the girls are involved in decision making.

There are some useful downloads in the Members’ Area of the Girlguiding website – Members’ area & Go! > Activities > Involving your girls:
Helping your girls make decisions, and Participation on a plate

All unit members should be involved in choosing what to do for this challenge badge. This will help to ensure that everyone enjoys the adventures your unit undertakes, as well as making sure that the suggestions are viable and achievable for the unit.

Remember to check the Manual for up to date information and regulations about activities, and ensure you follow correct guiding procedures regarding risk assessments, safeguarding, ratios, first aid, and qualifications before undertaking any adventurous activities.

Section programmes
Each Section’s programme offers lots of opportunities for adventure:

Starting on the guiding journey is an exciting adventure for 5 and 6 year olds.
Look – exploring the world and using all their senses
Learn – learning through a variety of experiences
Laugh – enjoying every new experience
Love – helping others and discovering their community

The Brownie programme – the Brownie Adventure – is one big adventure from beginning to end.
You – learning new skills and building their sense of self-worth
Community – using learned skills to serve and help the community
World – discovering the world beyond the local community

The Guide section encourages girls to be active and engaged in all aspects of the programme.
Healthy lifestyles – participating in sport and exercise, and making healthy food choices
Global awareness – developing an awareness of global issues and how they can help
Skills and relationships – learning and practising life skills
Celebrating diversity – getting involved in active citizenship
Discovery – challenging them with new experiences

The Senior Section programme is for all members aged 14 – 25 and is about identifying challenges and meeting them.
Girls and young women can participate in any of the programmes available to this age group, including:
Look Wider – comprised of 8 octants giving plenty of opportunities for new challenges
Leadership Qualifications
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Queen’s Guide Award
Life skills

Life Skills
Each time we learn a new life skill it’s because we were adventurous and tried something we hadn’t done before. For even the youngest Rainbow helping to cook something from scratch, or learning how to do washing up on a Rainbow sleepover is an adventure.

As each skill is learned it can be built on to make a new adventure, i.e. once you know how to peel vegetables you can use that skill to make vegetable soup from scratch.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
• Change a bicycle tyre
• Repair a bicycle puncture
• Hoover a room
• Iron 5 items
• Learn how to read a map
• Learn some first aid
• Learn how to strike a match
• Learn how to tie some knots and find out what they’re used for
• Learn some simple car maintenance
• Build an item of flat pack furniture
• Make a bird box or similar using basic DIY skills and tools
• Learn how to pack a bag, rucksack or suitcase for a unit sleepover, holiday, camp or expedition
• Learn how to lay the table for a meal – what extra things would you need for the table if it was a posh or important meal?
• Visit a shop with a limited amount of spending money – perhaps you could buy some seeds to plant as a unit, or some ingredients for a unit cooking activity
• Wash up after a meal
• Peel some vegetables
• Peel and chop some fruit
• Make vegetable soup from scratch
• Make a fruity pudding from scratch
• Work as a whole unit to make a complete meal from scratch, eg garlic bread, meatballs and spaghetti, fruit salad.
• Small groups can buy their own ingredients using a limited budget, then cook a meal
• Hold a cooking competition challenging groups to devise their own recipes, buy the ingredients, and cook the food. The recipes could be for savoury or sweet dishes, or a complete meal.

Other ideas and resources
Check your Region website for challenges and publications designed to build life skills. Here are a few:
– Publications from Girlguiding South West
o Cupboard Technology
o Fun with Food and Rainbow Cookbook
o Cookafun Challenge
o Night at the Theatre and Night at the Museum
– Time Travelling Scientists’ Challenge from Girlguiding LaSER

Safety badge resources from Girlguiding: Members’ area & Go!> Activities> Activity packs> Safety badge resources

Also see Section resources:
Rainbows Roundabout Seasons – Spring Bulbs
Roundabout The World – Play Safe
Brownies Brownie Adventures – Fruit and veg picnic
Brownie Adventures – Staying safe
Brownie Adventures – Clean up time
Brownie Skills badge
Computer badge
Cook badge
Cyclist badge
Fire safety badge
First aid badge
Home skills badge
Number fun badge
Road safety badge
Guides Active response badge
Communicator badge
Fire safety badge
First aid badge
Independent living badge
Personal safety badge
Senior Section Independent living octant

Mini Adventures
Not every adventure has to be a big expedition or take all day (or longer). Units can have just as much fun having a mini adventure in their units.

• Have a themed evening with girls bringing things in, and even wearing different outfits. Themes such as teddy evening, pets (real or toy), Wild West, Treasure Island, International, etc all work well and give scope for all sorts of activities.
• Wide games are great for turning your meeting place or outside space into somewhere entirely new. Choose one from one of the resources below or challenge your unit to make up their own.
• Have a “dramatic” evening with groups putting on plays from scratch using limited resources.
• Hold a midnight feast! Will you all wear PJs or onesies? Who will organise the food? What entertainment could you have?
• Tell a progressive story – one person starts and the story goes round the circle with each person adding a sentence. Could you add props or random objects to give inspiration?
• Have a musical adventure – explore and discover music using home-made instruments, simple percussion instruments, or by inviting a group in to share music with the girls.
• Have a scientific adventure – find out how many different ways you can make a rainbow, or investigate the best design for a paper aeroplane or kite.
• Upcycle some old clothes into costumes for a unit panto or play.
• Set up an assault course using whatever materials you have available or can get hold of – chairs, tables, groundsheets, ropes, scramble nets, etc.
• Set up a treasure or scavenger hunt – this can be indoors or outdoors, or both. You could have photo clues, or a list of things to spot, or clues written in code, for example. Perhaps the older girls could organise the hunt for the younger girls, or maybe even a group of Guides could set it up for the Brownies.
• Make and play your own version of a giant board game, such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Cluedo.

Other ideas and resources
Trails for Rainbow Guides publication from Girlguiding South West
Let’s Hear it For Music publication from Girlguiding
Wide games:
– (Members’ Area> Activities> Games and activities)

Also see Section resources:
Rainbows Roundabout Rainbows – Action Acting
Roundabout Rainbows – Musical Story
Roundabout Seasons – Whodunit?
Roundabout The World – Torch Treasure hunt
Brownies Brownie adventures – There’s something out there
Circus performer badge
Science investigator badge
World cultures badge
World traveller badge
Guides Circus skills badge
Performing arts badge
Science badge
World cultures badge
World traveller badge
Senior Section Creativity octant
International octant

Getting Outside
All sorts of adventures can be had when you go outside, and there are a number of resources to help you decide what to do.
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Make and sleep in a bivouac
• Build a den
• Go for a walk in the woods
• Go on a minibeast “safari”
• Build and light a fire
• Toast marshmallows over a naked flame
• Cook a meal on a fire
• Do some backwoods cooking with little or no utensils
• Learn how to light and use a stove such as a Trangia
• Go for a walk
• Go for a wellie walk and jump in some puddles!
• Use your map-reading skills to walk from one given point to another
• Go on a night hike
• Take part in an incident hike
• Learn some bushcraft
• Build a raft – will it float?
• Go geocaching
• Go cycling
• Follow a trail
• In groups lay trails for another group to follow
• Climb a tree
• Climb a mountain
• Have a day at the seaside – while you’re there you could have all sorts of adventures!
• Have an adventure on a mode of transport you don’t usually use
• Plan and carry out a day long outing or expedition
• Plan and carry out a longer expedition
• Go to an Adventure centre and take part in an adventurous activity
• Hold a holiday or camp somewhere you’ve not been before
• Visit a fire station, maybe as part of the Fire Safety badge
Getting Outside

Other ideas and resources
– Check your Region website for outdoor challenges such as LaSER’s Walking Challenge

– LaSER have a new set of challenges called Growing Up Wild – they contain lots of different ideas for having outdoor adventures:

– The Nature Detectives website has hundreds of ideas for getting outside in all seasons and weathers:

Also see Section resources:
Rainbows Roundabout Rainbows – Inside Out
Roundabout Seasons – Colour Scavenger walk
Roundabout Seasons – Outdoor Cooking
Brownies Finding your way badge
Out and about badge
Wildlife explorer badge
Guides Finding your way badge
Outdoor cook badge
Outdoor pursuits badge
Senior Section Out of doors octant

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